Iridium Satellite Phone Canada & Alaska Prepaid SIM Card with 200 Minutes (180 Day Validity) Price: $276.90 (as of 04/12/2022 03:00 PST- Details)

-IRIDIUM PREPAID AIRTIME: 200 MINUTES REGIONAL CANADA AND ALASKA VOUCHER, 180 DAYS VALIDITY. FREE incoming text messages & direct dialed calls. Outgoing Unit Values: 1-minute voice or data call = 60 units, text messages = 6 units each. Unused airtime rolls over if refilled prior to expiry. Voicemail and Inbound US Two-stage number included.
-No activation fee applies. Further credit can be added to the SIM if required. Unused minutes will roll over if further credit is added before initial credit expires.
-When used in a compatible Iridium satellite phones, this SIM allows you to make and receive voice calls and send/receive SMS from within Canada, Alaska and 10 Miles into coastal waters.

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