Denture Dart V3 Hard Plastic Denture Brush – Denture Gel Adhesive Remover – Remove Denture Gel Adhesive & Glue from Mouth & Gums, Oral Hygiene Product, Scraper w/Textured Grip and Rigid Bristles Price: $15.99 (as of 02/08/2023 21:53 PST- Details)

HOW TO USE: Step 1. Gently use the fingernail like ridge located around the perimeter on the back to scrap adhesive off your upper palette and upper inner and outer gum line. Step 2. Use the HARD non-flexible bristles to snag and remove the collected adhesive. Clean adhesive off the DART with a stiff toothbrush. Step 3. Use the same procedure for the lower, inner and out bottom gum line. Use the spanning legs or HARD bristles to remove collected adhesive.
GLUE REMOVER: Featuring a patent pending bristle design, the Denture Dart is rigid with various textures to collect and remove denture glue. The cleaner works in those hard to reach areas where adhesive is difficult to remove, like the roof of your mouth. Please Note: The Denture Dart is not intended for use to remove denture glue or adhesive from dentures. It should not replace your actual denture brush.
EASY ADHESIVE REMOVAL: Instead of using basic denture brushes, the Denture Dart makes removing stubborn adhesive a breeze! Denture brushes and toothbrushes smear the adhesive on the roof of your mouth and make a mess.

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