Black Barn Light Wall Sconces, Modern Farmhouse Wall Mount Light Fixtures, Industrial Gooseneck Wall Sconce for Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom and Hallway Price: $39.99 (as of 23/07/2023 08:25 PST- Details)

Simple & Elegant Design: The farmhouse wall mount light fixtures combine a gooseneck arm and a dome-shaped lampshade, featuring a sleek matte black finish. With elements of both industrial and rustic styles, they bring an alluring and minimalist aesthetic to your home.
Suitable for Various Spaces: This black farmhouse wall sconce effortlessly blends retro and modern styles, making it suitable for a wide range of settings. Whether you need an ideal hallway gooseneck lamp, a rustic wall-mounted lantern, a restaurant metal mount sconce, a living room wall lighting solution, a bedside reading light, or a cafe bar wall lighting fixture, this sconce adapts to your needs. Its adaptable design allows you to create different ambiances and moods depending on the scene you’re setting.
Ideal Size for your preference: The wall sconce showcases a metal shade measuring 10″ in diameter and 10″ in height, making it a versatile size for any area of your space. Its gooseneck design extends 9″ away from the canopy, providing optimal bulb light irradiation. The canopy is specifically designed to cover standard junction boxes, featuring a diameter of 4.7″ and a height of 1″. These carefully crafted features ensure a seamless fit for your lighting requirements, making this wall sconce an ideal choice.

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